Dear lazyweb,

I need somewhere in Birmingham that i can get my hair colooured. All of it. Preferably bright pink or red. Oh, and i want it done for my birthday, which is next weekend so that gives me only two Saturdays in which to achieve this.

Can anyone recommend a place?


Monster A-Go-Go - Tomorrow Night!

It's time has come! Tomorrow night is this year's second installment of the only Horror Party in town! Get your ghoul on for the last time before the summer break, after this one we won't be back until Halloween.

***Special Guest DJ, International Man of Deathrock Cavey Nik ***

[Map Link to The Swinging Sporran]

If you're on Facebook we'd be much obliged if you would invite your friends, [Click Here] for the Facebook event.

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This Saturday - Ball @ Bartons Arms

The ball is back this Saturday. Other than it's a great night out with great music and great beer, there are three extra reasons why you should all come out this Saturday.

1. It's Ade's (One half of the organisers) 50th birthday so come and celebrate with him, there may even be cake.
2. The next ball won't be until October as this year there is a summer break.
3. It's FREE entry because it's Ade's birthday



Monster A-Go-Go Click-thru competition

Okay Fiends & Ghouls, we will be having a click-thru competition for two guest list slots for Monster A-Go-Go.

All you have to do is to go here:

and post one of our promotional banners to your lj/blogspot/myspazz/facebook/whatever. Whoever has the most referrals to our Monster A-Go-Go webpage will win the two guest slots. Simples :0)

(All i gotta do is hope that Google Analytics actually works!)

Please make sure that whatever site you post the banner on has some means of us contacting you, otherwise you may miss out. I will post the name/url of the winner in this lj, our facebook event and our myspazz event on Friday 15th May, so remember to go take a look then.

Cheers m'dears!