Goth Blogs?

Dear Livejournal,

It has been time since i last spoke to you, is there anybody out there?

I am looking for Goth Music blogs worth reading? Does anyone have a favourite?

I have Uncle Nemesis and Mick Mercer, natch, but have mostly avoided such things in the past.


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Monster A-Go-Go - Sat 5th December

Celebrate the nightmare before Christmas with the last Monster A-Go-Go of 2009. There will be no door charge at this event, instead we will send round a collection bucket for the collective's beer fund :0)

[Map Link to The Swinging Sporran]

Got Spotify? Check out this Monster A-Go-Go playlist from their rather limited selection of bands.
Should give you a flavour though :0) [Click Here]

If you're on Facebook we'd be much obliged if you would invite your friends, [Click Here] for the Facebook event.

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So now i am officially 30 :0)

Big love to all the gorgeous people that came out to my party, i feel well and truly celebrated :0)

Someone post some photos!